I cannot boil water

I seem to have a problem with the simple task of boiling water. Perhaps it's the waiting. Perhaps it's my nature of multi-tasking. Perhaps it is our smooth glass-top electric stove that heats to temperatures that rival the earth's core! The fact is, I leave pots of water unattended, get busy with something else, then end up filling the house with noxious metal fumes and melting the pot on the stove. I try to remember to put the stove timer on when boiling water, but this time, I had a phone call which distracted me from my timer setting and required me to head downstairs to my studio to dig out some paperwork. An hour and a half later, I was wanting a refill of tea...hmmm, where's my cup....I haven't had a cuppa tea yet this morning....OH MY GOD!!! NOT AGAIN! Luckily, the stovetop is unharmed...this time.

One deterrent of dry pot syndrome is to have a whistling tea kettle, which I love for the functionality but I also find incredibly annoying. I had one for many years until the whistle stopped whistling and I melted it on the stove.

Another thing I find interesting is that I've never melted a pot on a gas stove, only on electric stoves and only on glass-top electrics. These things, in my eyes are extremely hazardous. I never bought these things. I seem to have a knack for finding rentals that offer these stoves, and they are NEVER a selling point when it comes to my decision to rent or not. Ceiling fans aren't a good selling point for me either ...but that's another story.

Forgive me blogger, for I have sinned

It has been over a year since my last post. In that time, I have coveted many material goods on Etsy (oooh, such pretty things). I have regularly used profane language nearly every morning as I woke to my neighbors' chain saws, lawn mowers, brush hogs, leaf blowers, and the irritating revving of his vintage Mustang engine. Needless to say, I have also been inclined to plot murder on this early rising lawn-loving 2-stroke engine collecting individual. Honestly people, I have never before seen anyone so anal retentive about his lawn, nor have I ever witnessed anyone use a leaf-blower to blow dust off his roof two to three times a week. He poisons the entire neighborhood with his chemical sprayer, and fills the air with noxious smoke from his constant leaf and garbage burning.
Ooops, forgive me.....I seem to have gone off on a rant.

I have said my Hail Mary's and I now vow to post regularly, to keep readers abreast of my whereabouts, my thoughts, my favorite things, my not-so favorite things, and who knows what else. We'll see what each day brings us!