Dogs Playing Poker

I love springtime! I love witnessing the emergence of green leaves and colorful flowers, the warming of the air, the singing and nest building of birds, the buzzing of bees, and the appearance of peoples stuff gathered in their yards on the weekends. Yes, it's finally Yard Sale time in West Virginia and I'm so excited to plow through peoples things to purchase and collect lots of stuff I don't really need, but must have at that moment. It's true instant gratification. I take garage sales seriously. Armed with my newspaper, my map, my boyfriend Eric (if he's game that day) a full tank of gas, my dog sPoT!, and a pocket wad full of cash I set off.

Last weekend we drove across the Potomac and stopped at a few places in the Sharpsburg area.
We didn't find anything worth having and were ready to call it a day when we ran across a couple with all their items lined up along the narrow sidewalk in front of their pre-1900 colonial home. Eric reached for 3 framed prints "Here, we'll take these!" I took a look and there were 3 small prints of dogs playing poker by Collidge in wood frames for $2.00 each. "Yep, I said".

Cassius Coolidge painted 16 anthropormorphized dog paintings in 1903 for an advertising firm in St. Paul, MN. Nine of those prints were dogs playing poker. The 3 prints I got are called Pinched with 4 Aces, Waterloo, and His Station and 4 Aces. In 2005, two of Coolidge's original paintings (A Bold Bluff, and Waterloo Two) sold for $590,000 to a private art collector.

A quick look on Ebay for dogs playing poker yielded hundreds of knock-off, reproductions, and kitchy poker dog items such as posters, shirts, tin signs, playing cards, totebags, neckties, poker chips, trays, figurines, mousepads (yeah, that's mine in the pic) curtains and clocks. There's even a movie called Four Dogs Playing Poker.

My new fun kitchy prints will grace our fake wood-paneled den along with my tiki mug collection, and assorted tiki art such as my giant print of Tikis Playing Poker originally created by Slacks Ferret.


Strictly Mike said...

Geez, I wonder how my Cats Playing Blackjack picture is worth. Something tells me that, being bought at a flea market, it's not the genuine article :)

Seriously, though, I've got a few Dogs Playing Poker prints in various form around the office and house, and I never knew their creator's works were worth that much money.

-- Strictly Mike, Online Poker portal (that's my office :)