Craft Show Hell - Part 2

June 16th 2007 -- Church-Sponsored Festival/Craft Show - Charles Town, West Virginia

The night before the church-sponsored craft show, I completed 18 Christian-themed glass pendants, only to have tripped the moment I took them out of my sandblasting cabinet and dropped them all out on the concrete. I managed to salvage one. Could this be bad Ju-ju?? Is God trying to tell me (a non-church goer) to stay away from the church-sponsored event? I mean, I was condemned by a catholic preacher once, but that's another story.

I arrived at the church grounds at 7:00 am and began set-up. All was fine, even though I realized many of the booths were not crafts, but were flea market (dollar store type items),used household items, and baked goods. A nice local landscaper occupied the booth behind me and was selling hanging plants and shrubs. They not only provided more shade for me, but lively colors, and a nice fresh flowery scent.

Another seller close-by had some used lawnmowers and started them up periodically to show that they really worked. There was also the "Right to Life" booth but I never went near there to see what they were selling. I did notice the presence of security near their booth quite often though.

Things started to pick up and I made a few sales (enought to cover booth fee, gas, and still be able to give 15% to the church) and all was good, until about the last 10 minutes of the festival. There was a dunk-the-Deacon booth full of kids and as the Deacon was trying to shut it down, about 50-60 kids started chasing him with water balloons. The Deacon ran thru the craft show area, up and down and hiding between the booths while kids chunked water balloons everywhere. I saw an elderly woman get hit in the face. I was just trying to protect 3 tables full of my glass wares from flying water missles!!! Aaaaugh! I immediately started packing up and ducking for cover.

The last thing to do was fold up my brand spanking new craft show tent that I purchased 2 days prior for about $200.00. Some helpful church volunteers came over to help me fold it up, but I wasn't quite ready as the stabilizer bars were still attached. I'm underneath the tent while these people are pushing and I'm politely yelling "Wait, please! I have to unhook these and put these down!" Well with 4 people pushing this thing together and telling me it's just stiff because it's new and I'm saying "NOOoo!! Please wait just a moment!". One person said "heck, I know what I'm doing, I just closed up 4 of these things". Sigh. The next thing I see underneath is the frame bending and snapping and it completely broke in 4 places!!!! NOoooo! I was speechless! I was soooo bummed! One person said "that's not supposed to happen, it's defective, take it back!" Some really nice people offered to help me pack my jeep and I politely declined...."I've got it, thank you". I mean, they were really trying to be helpful. But....grrrrrr.....
I politely donated my requisite 15% of my sales and went home to an empty house.


YabYummy said...

Hi Kristian,

A friend of mine gifted me with one of your pieces, a beautiful rose quartz with the Tree of Life on it. I use the tree of life in the basic meditations I lead for my students and clients, and have been wearing the piece nonstop for a month. Thank you so much for creating it!

I have just come out with a book about the spiritual work I do, and I want to create a bookmark with an image of the sacred tree on it. I would love to use your image, but want you permission to do so. Will you contact me about that?


Kypris :)