Holy Moly!! That was a Close Call

Yesterday, I was sitting on my couch with laptop on my lap answering an email. There was NO indication a storm was coming. Suddenly, in one instant there was a huge BOOM and then a GIANT white flash of light in my lap... my laptop cord shot out of my laptop and whipped and singed my arm....the laptop flew across the room onto the hard floor...the lights went out...and I was buzzing from a large shock that seemed to last a few seconds and i was screaming this horrid deep-throaty scream. After the shock, the left side of my body felt like I had it on a hot stove and I was shaking like crazy. I think the lighting hit a nearby transformer, went thru the plug, thru the surge protector, to my cord, and laptop.

I thought to check my pulse and my heartbeat was really irregular, so I drove myself my nearby physician just to get checked out. My irregular heartbeat calmed down and became regular after about 45 minutes. My blood pressure was high but they sent me home anyway. All ok.

Amazingly, my laptop still works! However, my shift key came off and I can't get it back on. I never realized how much i needed my shift key. I called Gateway to see if there is a trick to getting the shift key back on and they said they have to replace the WHOLE keyboard!! Luckily, I purchased additional insurance to protect me against accidents like spilled coffee, drops, crases, and well, things like this. So, Gateway is sending a computer tech to my home to replace the entire keyboard this week and bring me a new cord. Sweet!

Wow, all in all, I feel really lucky as it could've turned out a lot worse...and I think 'someone' trying to tell me to not to spend so much time on my computer.