I cannot boil water

I seem to have a problem with the simple task of boiling water. Perhaps it's the waiting. Perhaps it's my nature of multi-tasking. Perhaps it is our smooth glass-top electric stove that heats to temperatures that rival the earth's core! The fact is, I leave pots of water unattended, get busy with something else, then end up filling the house with noxious metal fumes and melting the pot on the stove. I try to remember to put the stove timer on when boiling water, but this time, I had a phone call which distracted me from my timer setting and required me to head downstairs to my studio to dig out some paperwork. An hour and a half later, I was wanting a refill of tea...hmmm, where's my cup....I haven't had a cuppa tea yet this morning....OH MY GOD!!! NOT AGAIN! Luckily, the stovetop is unharmed...this time.

One deterrent of dry pot syndrome is to have a whistling tea kettle, which I love for the functionality but I also find incredibly annoying. I had one for many years until the whistle stopped whistling and I melted it on the stove.

Another thing I find interesting is that I've never melted a pot on a gas stove, only on electric stoves and only on glass-top electrics. These things, in my eyes are extremely hazardous. I never bought these things. I seem to have a knack for finding rentals that offer these stoves, and they are NEVER a selling point when it comes to my decision to rent or not. Ceiling fans aren't a good selling point for me either ...but that's another story.


Andrea said...

HA! This is great. You do have a problem with the stove..lol. The melting whistling kettle is hilarious. :-)

Raige Creations said...

so sorry to hear your predicament!
How do you have a good cup o' tea without a whistling tea kettle?!?